Friday, 28 October 2011


Hello-o, world. Name's Pluto (not my real one, obviously,) and I'm here to tell you about my life and help people fight horrible eldritch beings from beyond the stars. If you require aid in the latter category, leave a comment and I'll get back to you. If you're here for the former, well, I'm flattered!

Today I went downtown and bought a wooden totem from this little knickknack store down there. It's shaped like a bear. I'm not sure if it's legit, but there's a substantial Native population around these parts so there's a decent chance that it is. It's for luck in any case, I'm sure the legitimacy won't really affect a placebo. Unless it's magic. I'll tie it to my rifle and go abuse some targets, maybe that'll give me an idea. Beyond my totem (I'll call it Ben) not much has been going on beside the whole abomination thing, and even that front's been quiet lately. Why I'm making the blog, in fact. The buggers seem to have an irrational hate for our kind.